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The pore size of 3A molecular sieve is 3A.It does not adsorb any molecular larger than 3A. According to the industrial application specialties ,we endue our products with the characters of higher adsorption speed ,stronger crushing and anti-contaminative resistance ,more cyclic times and longer work-span .All these advantages have made it come to be the most essential and necessary desiccant in the fields of the deep drying ,refinery polymerization for cracked gasses ,ethylene ,propylene and any other non-acidic gasses of liquids in petroleum and chemical industrials.

Formula: 0.4K2O·0.6Na2O·Al2O3·2.0SiO2·4.5H2O


alkene drying

alkine drying

liquid drying

cracking liquid drying

cracking gas drying

aggregate feed drying

coolant drying

coal oil and jet fuel drying insulating glass drying

C2,C3 fraction drying

impregnant drying mixed gas of hydrogen and nitrogen from ammonia degradation drying CO2 drying